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Vitsøhus – A Yard / Garden Future

A paradise garden of the soul – a productive garden for life

Permaculture design of the edible forest / garden is based on permacultures ethical principles: Earth Care, People / Creature Care, Fair Share. Permaculture (permanent agriculture) goes a big step beyond ecology. Unique nature experiences in the meditative garden offers: more than 400 interesting tree, shrub and plant species, over 150 different roses, peaceful and graceful alpacas, aristocratic Indian running ducks and tap “King Henry” and his beautiful hens – a sumptuous fragrance experience a natural paradise biodiversity – a tribute to nature!

The world’s only permaculture-Audio-Tur opens the layman’s eye for permaculture and distributes the savvy interesting details.

On Vitsøhus lived and work with permacultures multifunctionality almost waste-free in sustainable circuits with and not against nature. Dishes in the café ( “Clean Eating”, vegetarian and vegan) and farm shop’s products are mainly local / organic / from own farm.

Klang Massager / – meditations, Herbal Safaris and exciting Nature Segway Tours rounds offer versatile of. Spend your holiday in our cozy cottages or in a genuine Kirgisik yurt!



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