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The Guldsmeden Hotels 

Guldsmeden Hotels - Nouveau-boheme sustainable boutique hotels with the best locations in Copenhagen (5 locations), Oslo, Aarhus, Bali & Menton.
The hotels are all operated by dedicated - but untraditional and unorthodox - guidelines within sustainability and ecology, without in any way compromising our primary goal and competence, which is the good and warm hostmanship.

Babette Guldsmeden is the first Copenhagen hotel outside what has traditionally been our comfort zone of Vesterbro…

We´re loving it here, the location is just as unique in a completely different way. The building, with all its charming nooks and crannies is a pleasure to be in, and we´re very proud of the orangerie in particular, linking the two parts of the house.  The courtyard to the back is a little oasis, and with the coloured strings of lights and our comfy couches it´s a wonderful place to unwind.


Babette Guldsmeden

Babette Guldsmeden is probably the one of our hotels with the most details, so make sure to take a walk around the premises!.

Luxurious simplicity, happy hostmanship, an unpretentious atmosphere and uncompromising sustainability are our guiding stars.

Babette is located in historical Copenhagen, close to major attractions such as the Royal Palace and the Little Mermaid. Kastellet, just across from Babette, is a beautifully preserved 16th century star fortress, that still houses a church and a lovely old windmill.

Babette has a charger for electric vehicles available in the courtyard.

Be sure to drop by our inhouse Bar & Restaurant (Bredgade 78)!

Bredgade 78, ,
1260 København, Hovedstaden
Kontakt: Babette Guldsmeden
Telefon: +45 33 14 15 00
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Brasserie Babette

Brasserie Babette er at finde på Bredgade i København. og er stedet du kan tage hen, uanset om du er i humør [...]
Bredgade 78, ,
1260 København, Hovedstaden

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