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We grow high quality food for our restaurants in a sustainable manner and inspire dialogue between chefs and farmers - locally and internationally.

Working to blend gastronomy and agriculture, Farm of Ideas has integrated cooking and farming to the point that our chefs are farmers and vice versa. Currently, we have a small team of chefs driving the 50-minute journey out to the farm on a daily basis, who harvest and wash the vegetables ready to serve later that same day.
Farm of Ideas is about more than growing great food for our restaurants in a sustainable manner. We want to spur dialogue among chefs and farmers by hosting workshops, events and dinners that will lead to productive changes in the way the whole world grows, distributes and thinks about food.
Based in Svanholm, Farm of Ideas is a melting pot of agriculture, gastronomy, innovation and inspiration. Our 2 hectares dedicated to vegetable production are no-till, intensively-grown small beds that take little mechanisation - something that goes above and beyond standard organic practices. This year, 56 different types of vegetables have been planted, with an even wider variety within that - currently there’s 15 types of tomato and 11 types of cucumber!
We manage a dairy herd, made up of 15 milking cows, 2 adult bulls, 2 young bulls, 15 heifers and 5 steers, alongside our 2 Magilitsa sows and 21 piglets. We place the highest emphasis on animal welfare, opting to let calves wean at the natural age or letting our pigs forage without rings in their noses for example.
The move to Svanholm in 2019 has opened up new possibilities for the farm, as Christian and his team hope to develop a Farm Lab and space for chef education, food research and gastro events. But this partnership goes deeper than infrastructure; Svanholm and Farm of Ideas share the same values ​​and visions, choosing to work in the field to inspire others to produce better organic raw produce. By working together, they can ensure that the message reaches further than ever.
Svanholm Gods 15A, 4050 Frederikssund, Hovedstaden

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Seed Exchange 2019

Høstmarked & Seed Exchange på Svanholm Gods Seed Exchange is a two-day festival held at Farm of Ideas at Svanholm, 24-25th August 2019, celebrating the [...]
Eventdato: 24. august 2019 - 25. august 2019
Tidspunkt: 10.00

Farm of Ideas

Svanholm Gods 15A, 4050 Frederikssund, Hovedstaden