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Human Act is a world-wide development organization. We are determined to prove that extreme poverty is not a natural state to accept.


The Human Act Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promoting freedom for all of humanity. We work towards peace and justice for the citizens of the world, regardless of gender, age, religion or race. The Human Act Foundation believes in ‘doing’, and so we progress through action. Our main focus is to mobilize financing through a wealth taxation, towards ending extreme poverty and achieving the SDG´s.

Human Act was founded in 2016 by Djaffar Shalchi and his wife Ané Maro.
Since 2016, it has established partnerships with numerous other organizations,
including the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Action Aid and Oxfam.

Brønshøjholms Allé 3, ,
2700 København, Hovedstaden
Kontakt: Human Act Foundation

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