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Organic Russia


Organic Russia is an organization with strong relationships to some of the most experienced organic advisers in the market.

The founder is Helena Drewes  from Denmark. She has worked with organic food since 1994, and is an experienced project manager, teacher, facilitator and author.

She lives in Moscow and Denmark and has an extended network within the organic agricultural industry in both countries.

Via Organic Russia you can get access to advisers within the sphere of Agriculture, Retail and Education.

Organic food has always been my passion and I started working professional with it in 1994. It is very uplifting to see that the interest for organic production is rising in Russia, and I am happy and grateful to have the opportunity to participate in developing this kind of farming in the largest country in the world.

This site is will not discuss if the food in the world have to be 100 % organic or 100% conventional. We very easy end up at place that leads us nowhere, and who want to be there? It is from my point of view must more interesting to look at the reality. That organic farming is a modern way of farming, and it serve a niche in the marked. I of course hope that this niche will grow strong and healthy in Russia and worldwide.

Kontakt: Helena Drewes
Mobil: Phone Denmark: +45 60182256

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