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UBU’s activities are carried out by working committees. All members are free to form these working committees dealing with specific topics of interest. If you wish to be a member of a group, then send a message to the contact person.

UBU holds open arrangements for its members and others regarding subjects that are relevant and interesting for the members. Typically a member or an outside expert gives a presentation on a professional subject with following discussion. But broader topics are also presented and discussed. 

Contact Person for the Arrangements Committee: Lena Christensen, Environmental Engineer (M.Sc.) lenachr@worldonline.dk.

Practically all information to and among the members is exchanged through email. This makes it possible for members to benefit from the membership even when travelling or working abroad. Several UBU-members working abroad have formed so-called “Back-up” groups that can be used to discuss problems that the member encounters.

1000 København, Hovedstaden

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