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Gro Spiseri consists of a small team of excellent chefs and staff who stand behind the ØsterGRO rooftop farm (http://oestergro.dk/). The chefs are present throughout the evening as they prepare food, serve and take care of the guests in the dining room. The food is served 'family style' on shared plates, as guests sit at the long table in our cosy greenhouse. It is our goal to create an eatery raised high above the city bustle below. A place that can embrace our dreams of an informal and social food experience based on good organic production including a care for nature and delivered to us from local growers, producers and hunters. The menu changes with the season and will be accompanied by a good selection of natural wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the beautiful green city oasis, that is ØsterGRO. See you at the rooftop!


If you want to rent Gro Spiseri for a private or public event, the possibilities are many.

We rent out to meetings, corporate events, private dinners, birthdays, weddings, concerts and various other cultural events on all weekdays - except Wednesday.

Contact us with your request at booking@grospiseri.dk - you can contacts us in both English and Danish.



ØsterGRO er både en tagfarm og en dertilhørende CSA-forening (Community Supported Agriculture), der blev etableret I foråret 2014 af Kristian Skaarup, Livia Urban Swart Haaland og Sofie Brincker. Visionen bag farmen var at skabe en lokal og bæredygtig fødevareproduktion i byen og derved give storbyens borgere mulighed for at følge et økologisk landbrug på tætteste hold. Denne vision blev til virkelighed i løbet af farmens første år, da ØsterGRO for første gang igennem sommeren/efteråret 2014 brødfødte 16 lokale familier med økologiske, lokalt dyrkede afgrøder fra taget.


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