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Aster started as a response to an idea that came about linking food with wellness, and wanting to share that with our community.
Our journey began when we discovered the powerful link between mind and gut; that with plant-based nourishment we felt better in many ways. We discovered that by sprouting, fermenting and slow producing the products that we made both tasted better and were better for our bodies. Our offerings are 100% plant-based, organic, free from refined sugars, peanuts, mostly free from gluten (we use proper sourdough), and made from scratch by hand, here and now. We make all we can ourselves, so we know excactly what goes in to everything and that it’s all good.  We soak and sprout our nuts, cold-juice vegetables and fruits, in small batch production and to individual order. For example our almond milk is hand-made every day with organic Spanish almonds that have been activated in water overnight, eleminating the phyctic acid naturally present in them to protect them before they sprout. This also brings us another step away from the excess packaging that comes with store bought mylk, alongside ingredients we would never use ourselves; thickeners, gums, artificial preservatives.
Environmental responsibility is another one of the key values that helped build who we are and has shaped how we work and think. All of our food and drink is organic or wild sourced, sustainably/ethically traded of the highest quality, and we’re very proud to be working with like-minded companies and individuals on this. Seasonality will also always play a key role in what we do. Our menu is ever changing with the seasons, inspring creativity, along with reducing the need to import food.
When looking at all areas of how we work and what we offer, we aspire to zero-waste, which sparks innovation. At the moment we’ve started work on incorportating banana peels into banana bread, and are constantly thinking of new ways to use our almond pulp; so far in our granola and raw treats.
So here we are, in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

We look forward to meeting you. We are open Wednesday-Sunday 9am-4pm.

Gammel Kongevej 171, ,
1850 København, Hovedstaden
Kontakt: Aster
Telefon: +45 2963 3777


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