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Axel Guldsmeden

Axel Guldsmeden (part of the Guldsmeden hotels, see below) opened in 2007, in a beautiful turn-of-the-century building, and is still our biggest hotel in terms of the number of rooms. Axel quickly became a pet favourite of the sustainability-oriented media and eco-conscious travellers who still want a certain level of comfort and quality and was the first of the Guldsmeden Hotels to achieve the golden (Ø), the green key and a Green Globe certification. In general, Axel has become the place where we develop and try out new ideas – and if they work here, we incorporate them in the rest of the Guldsmeden Hotels. If they don´t work – well, we´ve probably had fun trying them out!

We have 212 rooms here, including 4 amazing penthouse suites with their own private rooftop terrace and hot-tub.

And if you have time, don´t miss a trip to the Axel Spa while you´re here – it´s such a beautiful and relaxing space. Or just come down to the lounge and courtyard, we love it when our guests hang out with us!


The Guldsmeden Hotels 

Guldsmeden Hotels - Nouveau-boheme sustainable boutique hotels with the best locations in Copenhagen (5 locations), Oslo, Aarhus, Bali & Menton.
The hotels are all operated by dedicated - but untraditional and unorthodox - guidelines within sustainability and ecology, without in any way compromising our primary goal and competence, which is the good and warm hostmanship.


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