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DHI Water & Environment is an independent, international consulting and research organisation affiliated to the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.The Institute is organised into four divisions: Environmental Technology & Chemistry, Water Resources, Water Environment & Informatics, and Marine Technology.

The consulting services are based on the development and application of know-how and advanced technologies within ecology and environmental chemistry, water resources, hydraulic structures and hydrodynamics and other areas related to water environment.

DHI offers a wide range of consultancy services, software tools, environmental laboratories and physical model testing facilities.

DHI has a staff of approximately 480, the majority of whom are professional engineers and scientists with post-graduate qualifications and several years of consultancy and R&D experience. Projects have been conducted in more than 140 countries.

DHI has subsidaries and branch offices in Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Norway, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and USA. Project offices are active in Bangladesh, Brazil, China and Poland.

Agern Allé11, ,
2970 Hørsholm, Hovedstaden
Email: dhi@dhi.dk
Telefon: 45169200
Fax: 45169292

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