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VeggieWorld. The trade fair for a vegan lifestyle.
Hey you!! We are VeggieWorld. We are trade fair organisers who enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Because everything we consume has an impact – on our bodies, on animals, on other people, and on the environment – we have come up with a trade fair and a platform that inspires people to follow a plant-based lifestyle.
Therefore, VeggieWorld is about gaining something, and not about renouncing anything. It’s not about dogmatism, but about variety. It’s not about moral sermons, but about enjoying new possibilities. Here, you’ll get to know products that can’t be found in the supermarket, and you’ll discover vegan enjoyment. Further strengthened with tips and tricks by movers and shakers, producers, chefs and well-known people from the scene. You will also find plant-based clothing and cosmetics that make no compromises when it comes to form, colour and style.
You’ll meet market entrants, people who have opted out, lateral thinkers, people who do things differently, and people who make things happen. You’ll meet people who live completely vegan and people who would like to see what a vegan diet is like and who would like to get to know this approach, step-by-step. Butchers in the 5th generation are also welcome to visit us. Because we would like to reach as many people as possible. Everywhere. We are open for something new.
You, too?
København, Hovedstaden
Kontakt: Mie Nordly, Project Manager, VeggieWorld Denmark / info@veggieworld.dk
Mobil: +49 2132 5102240

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VeggieWorld Copenhagen 2019

In English below VeggieWorld. Messen for en vegansk livsstil. Nu kommer VeggieWorld til København! VeggieWorld er den største forbrugermesse for veganske produkter. På VeggieWorld vil du opleve, [...]
Eventdato: 2. november 2019 - 3. november 2019
Tidspunkt: 10.00 – 18.00

VeggieWorld Denmark

Øksnehallen, ,
1700 København, Hovedstaden